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Affiliate Marketing – description, risks and getting started | dezignalife

If you have been in the Online Marketing business for some time now you will have come across the term Affiliate Marketing by now and are probably making use of some type or another. If you are new to the business and have no idea what I am talking about, let me enlighten you.

Affiliate Marketing according to Wikipedia is:

“A type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards an affiliate for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

In other words, a person (or company) introduces or creates a new product online. They offer you (the affiliate) a commission of all sales that are made via your referral. You receive a percentage of the sales price or a fixed fee for directing the customer towards the purchase of said product. Now how do you refer someone to a product? There are some variations on how to receive commissions from the person/company offering the product.

  • In most cases you will receive a referral link when signing up to the affiliate program. You make use of this particular link to market the product. Visitors to your website, blog, advertisement, etc. follow the link to the products website and if they buy the product, you will receive your commission.
  • Another form of affiliate marketing involves you receiving a commission if a visitor takes some type of action after following your link to the site. This includes signing up to a service, completing a survey or filling in their name and email address.

You, as an affiliate, will receive either a percentage of the sale’s price as a commission or a fixed conversion rate, depending on the terms of the provider. The referral link provided to you has a unique identifier in it with which the provider can track where the referral came from.

Now you probably ask yourself why these programs are so popular among advertisers and other companies?

Imagine you have a product and you would like to make the general public aware of it. You spend quite a lot of money on advertising (online and offline) and receive enough response to make a small profit. If you make use of affiliate marketing strategies you only pay out a commission when an actual sale is made. This way you will only have expenses when you already sold a product. In the long run, you will earn a much bigger profit on the same product. Why spend a lot of money on advertisement when you do not know what the outcome might be and the results might be marginal at best. There are many many affiliate marketing opportunities out there today. However, it is not necessarily easy money just ripe for the picking. There is hard work and many hours of online interaction involved. The success or failure of your Affiliate Marketing Campaign relies mainly on the following factors:

  • Website traffic is of great importance to the success of your Affiliate Marketing efforts.
  • find the right products you want to market (there are risks involved, which will be mentioned later)
  • market quality products (you might end up hurting your brand name rather than improving it)
  • building a community of trust with your readers
  • your audience must be in a “buying mood”

These reasons are not necessarily the only ones, but they are the most important ones.

I just mentioned certain risks in Affiliate Marketing and I want to quickly touch up on that.

I am sure that once in your life you have had someone constantly bugging you and pushing you to buy their product. And I am certain that the more he pushed the more reluctant of buying his product you became. It is the same with Affiliate Marketing practices. If you arrive on a page that tries to sell you something every step of the way without giving you any useful content, you will not come back. Will you? Make sure you are absolutely confident of the product you are promoting. If you promote a bad quality product and your trusting readers buy it and find out that you have been lying just to make a quick buck, you will lose them in a heartbeat. Not only that, your reputation and your brand name will suffer with it, because guess what, people talk all the time. You also have to remember that not all websites or blogs are suitable to be platforms for affiliate marketing. Some website’s content might make it very hard to find a product worth promoting or the main audience is not the buying type. All these things have to be well thought of before venturing too far into Affiliate Marketing.

Now that you know all about Affiliate Marketing, let’s get you started.

The first thing you would want to do is find a relevant product you can promote. It does not matter what it is, as long as it is of good quality and fits into your marketing niche. Another important thing to remember is that your product must be interesting to your audience. There are many ways of finding Affiliate programs on the Internet. The easiest way to find the right product is by making use of Affiliate Networks. Affiliate Networks are intermediaries between affiliates and the affiliate programs provided by the person/company. There are many of these out there, but the most well-known of these are:

Find the category you are interested in and start your search. Another way of finding affiliate programs for your specific niche market is to do a Google search on “your keyword” + affiliate program and have a look at what is offered there. Most reputable online stores (Amazon, eBay, etc.) have some type of affiliate program available. Even though the commissions are not very high on these programs it is quite easy to earn a commission via a referral sale. At last, but not least, have a look at what your competition is promoting. What works for them, might work for you as well. Have a piece of the pie.

OK, you have found the product of your choice and have set up all the necessary links on your site. Now you need to promote and sell this product.

There are various ways to do this and I will tell you about the main trends at the moment. Do you have a blog that enjoys a good following? Make use of it. Put a banner on the side promoting your affiliate product, or write a review about it (with a referral link at the bottom). You do not have a blog yet? Why not get one from the Empower Network? It is a personal blog on a viral blogging platform AND an affiliate program all-in-one (already indexed by search engines and 100% commissions). Make use of Social Media Networks. The best advertisement is word of mouth. Once you have exposed your product to your friends and acquaintances on the social media hubs (and they are interested) your commissions might sky-rocket. Write and submit articles about your product to various articles directories. Article Marketing is one of the most exploited and successful way of affiliate marketing. However, some article directories will not allow affiliate links in your articles. In that case, create a good blog post with all the affiliate links in it and link to it via your articles. Always create an effective Call to Action box paragraph which urges the reader to click the link provided. Some good article directories out there include:

  • Ezinearticle

The most effective way of building trust and a quality following, is to subscribe to an online forum related to your niche market and keep active on it. Set up a signature line, including your affiliate link and post useful threads. The more you interact within the community the more the people will start trusting you. The last piece of advice I want to give you on your journey to success is that you should try to build an email list, because “the money is in the list”. Most big earners in the online marketing business have huge email lists of faithful followers. The Empower Network provides you with capture pages which generate these Leads for you. All you need to do is market it. 🙂 That is all I can tell you about Affiliate Marketing. I hope you can use this information in your future success formula. Please do not hesitate to comment (ask questions, voice opinions, argue, add to my information, etc.) and link to this blog post.

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Empower Network – review, description, products, commission, fees | dezignalife

Have you ever wanted to start a blog, but were put off by the time it took to become recognized?

Starting a blog from scratch will take between 3 to 6 months on average to become indexed by Google (or other search engines) and show up in search results. These statistics can be very discouraging.

If you are looking to promote your new business, be it online or offline, by means of a blog and you need results within a month at least, I recommend you look into the Empower Network.

Don’t worry though; you can also make use of the Empower Network for personal sakes and/or generating a considerable income from the comfort of your own home.

That said; let me tell you why the Empower Network might be the way to go for you.

Let’s imagine you want to promote your new business online and you need visitors to reach your brand-new webpage and have a look at what you offer. Other than the social media channels and the advertisement slots you obviously have already made use of, you would like to write about your business and educate readers about what you know or what you offer. Starting a blog from scratch takes too long and commenting on other people’s blogs just doesn’t cut it.

With Empower Network you pay a monthly fee of $25. For that you receive your own blogging spot on a viral platform, to do with as you choose. This fee also includes all the hosting and admin work behind the scenes.

Now, you are probably asking yourself what a viral platform is.

A viral blogging platform makes use of community blogging, which basically means that all the blog authors are posting content on the same platform under the same domain. The Domain name “Empower Network” is already ranked in the search engines and therefore anything you write within the system will become almost immediately searchable on the Internet.

If you stay consistent and make use of the same category for almost every blog post, you will make it to the search engine’s first page.

But enough rambling. The $25/month will get you all this.

Now you have this blog post available and your business is picking up while you provide quality content every day. The Empower Network team offers you the opportunity to create an income from owning your blog.

What do you mean?

For an extra $19.95 a month you can sign up to the Empower Network’s affiliate marketing campaign and earn 100% commissions on your sales. I can see now that you do not believe your eyes and that you are thinking, this is too good to be true. There must be a catch.

To better understand I want to break down the compensation model for as well as tell you what the monthly $19.90 are for.

Starting with the $19.90 affiliate fees. These earn you the right to sell the Empower Network’s products and earn a commission on them. You can go ahead and promote Empower Network before signing up to the affiliate program, but ALL the commissions will go to your sponsor and you get nothing. Why, because you do not have a monetary account at the Empower Network. On this note I’ll tell you the other thing included in the affiliate fees. The Empower Network has created their own e-Wallet especially for its Affiliates. All your commissions are paid into this account and you can transfer them out anytime you want. Included in the affiliate fees are also admin fees, all the backend and the online support available to you.

Now doesn’t that sound interesting? You are probably asking yourself when I am getting to the 100% commissions part. As a matter of fact I will explain this to you now.

The Empower Network follows a certain compensation plan called a “dynamic powerline”. This means every 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale afterwards passes to the qualifying sponsor. On all other sales you will receive 100% commission. The Empower Network operates on a principle called “direct pay” where your customers actually make their monthly payments to your e-Wallet account directly. So depending on the product you are selling, the eligible monthly fees are transferred directly to you. Below you can view an illustration of the model.

Empower Network's "dynamic powerline" compensation model

I just mentioned “depending on the product you are selling” and I am pretty sure some of you have picked up on that. Let me explain.

There are different types and levels of products available within the Empower Network.

  1. Empower Network’s Basic Membership$ 25/month – you receive access to a short training course of how to become successful within the Empower Network. When you sell this product to new customers, you will receive 100% commissions on that product only.
  2. Empower Network’s Inner Circle$ 100/month – you receive access to the Inner Circle. Here you can listen to a daily audio file and have access to more advanced Online Marketing Training. 100% commissions are also applicable on this upgrade. That means you will receive $100/month according to the “dynamic powerline” mentioned above. See the what the application form for the Inner Circle looks like.
  3. Empower Network’s Costa Rica Intensiveonce-off $ 500 – you’ll receive 16 hours of Industry Secrets that NOBODY knows (except people who have subscribed to this product and the people who have literally spend thousands of dollars and endless hours to know what you can find out now). To see what the Empower Network Costa Rica Incentive application looks like, click here. 
  4. Empower Network’s $15 K Formulaonce-off $1000 – you receive a formula (training and education) worth $15,000. See application here.
  5. Empower Network’s Masters Courseonce-off $3,500 – you receive some more education that will drive your sales and your income to the top. Masters Course application.
You have to understand that if you do not own the product yourself and one of your customers goes all-in, the commissions will be passed up the line to someone who owns the product themselves.

But before you go into major debt to make sure you own all the products, test the waters a bit. If you have a lot of friends and/or business associates who are keen to make earn an extra income online, by all means go all-in.

I myself am quite a shy person and I do not like to share every single detail of my life with the world. Therefore, my social skills are a bit rusty and my friend circle feels a bit neglected and maybe don’t even notice me. And as for my blogging skills, they are completely non-existent.

However, if I have learned one thing over the past couple of years is that even though you do not know how a certain thing is done, your brain is the most amazing tool at your disposal. With hard work and dedication, you can learn anything you want. Repetitive tasks and constant education will make you a Master in no time at all.

Please be warned that, unless you already have a list of Leads and/or have a great following that will immediately jump on your band wagon  being a part of the Empower Network is NOT a get rich fast scheme. It takes hard work, long hours of researching and reading , writing quality content often (if not at least blog every day) and constant marketing of your blog (not the Empower Network – DON’T Become a Spammer just because you are desperate).

It will take time to learn the Online Marketing Strategies and get into a groove that works for you, but in the end it will be worth it.

In the end it is all about EDUCATION and for that I will gladly pay my currently $25/month. It gives you an incentive to actually learn something new every day.

Are you interested? Can you imagine yourself on the beaches of the world sipping cocktails and earning a passive income? Have a look what this kid has achieved?
Have a look at my Empower Network Blog and tell me what you think.

If you are interested or even convinced:

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Ashmax - The ultimate online marketing tool


Ashmax – Your Ultimate Marketing Machine

Let me tell you about Ashmax, the system that changed my life forever.

When I was at my childhood home in December 2012, my dad and I started to talk the possibilities of making a living from home.

He had recently received an email from one of my cousins referring to some system where you pay a small fee and can create a healthy income over time. I asked him to forward this email to me, but remembered that I had subscribed to something similar a few months ago and was receiving these newsletters every now and again from a company called Ashmax.

With this little bug in my head I came back down to South Africa (where I studied up to the end of last year) and sifted through my emails I had received over the last months. Luckily my “sponsor” (I didn’t know her then) had had the great insight of sending out a general broadcast to all her leads wishing us a Happy Festive Season. That is the email which changed my life.

I got to this website and I signed up for a free membership. The inside of the area was interesting but very very confusing to me. And for me as a web developer to say that, means something.

Needless to say I didn’t stay on the Ashmax site too long and thought it was a waste of time. In fact I was angry with myself that I had thought this might be something worth looking into.

Then that afternoon my phone rang and my “sponsor” was on the other line. She introduced herself and quickly told me what Ashmax was all about. She also told me if I had any questions I could contact her anytime. Her details are in the Ashmax Back Office she said. I immediately went back on the page and did find the information she promised (her Skype Id & phone number). I was still very confused as to what this program is actually supposed to be doing for me. So I contacted my “sponsor” on Skype.

Here are the following steps I took:

  1. The first thing to do is get to know the Ashmax Back-Office she told me. Check! To be honest I still have no clue what most of those buttons  are supposed to do. 🙂
  2. She tells me to go to the Multiple Streams Income button and have a look at what Ashmax provides you with for a start.

– The Empower Network

– Global Domains International (GDI)

The first thing I noticed is the fact that you need to pay to be able to receive an income. My brain immediately tells me “Back off, this is a scam!!!” I asked my “sponsor” what exactly it is these programs were providing for potential customers. She told me that:

  • GDI is a reputable company which sells domain names. Instead of the .com extension, GDI gives you the option of having a .ws extension and the domain name you always wanted but which was not available in the .com realm. You buy a domain from them and market their product. You receive a commission for every person that signs up under you and under the people you recruited. Monthly! Income grows.
  • The Empower Network is a company that provides a blog to its customers (which is already indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) on which he/she can promote their own business or just share with the world. For a small extra monthly fee, you acquire the right to promote their product and earn a 100% commission on the sales you make. In my next blog entry I will go deeper into the compensation model of the Empower Network.

Of course I needed to think about this first and my “sponsor” completely understood. All she did was send me information and kept reminding me to take everything I found on the Internet with a pinch of salt. Some people promote the company and others bash it.

One thing I have learned in school is to read everything and form your own opinion of the situation.

According to the famous saying by Buddha:

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

When I got through all the crap that is out there, I was still very unsure about all this. In my Internship, I have recently concluded, I have learned how effective affiliate marketing can be, but for that one would need to have a website and a product etc.

At first I was looking at the GDI program. I mean it is a good thing to have your own website and so on, but doubts were always present in the back of my head. The main concern I had was if I would make a major loss or actually earn an income soon. My “sponsor” mentioned that I could start off with blogging every day and creating an income in the Empower Network before creating my own website with GDI. That sounded very reasonable and I signed up to the Empower Network blogging platform the very next day.

I have been blogging and promoting ever since. Obviously I have had my doubts again after nothing happened for a few days, but I know out of first hand that on the Internet nothing happens instantly. You will have a post up instantly, you can instantly chat with someone across the world and you can instantly send messages to your friend in another country, but to become noticed on the Internet you have to create quality content and consistently socialize.

So here I am, blogging away. This is my first blog outside the Empower Network. The reasons for that I will tell you in another article.

Remember the key is generating traffic to your page, creating awesome and good content and to market your blog (not the company you have it with) every day.

Look at me rambling on and on about what I did and forgetting to tell you what Ashmax actually is.

Ashmax is a program, created by Mr Ash Mufareh, which helps you start your online marketing business.

By that I mean, they provide you with two options to start with, there are email autoresponder options to sort out and manage your leads and there are banners available to promote the system.

At first the page might be confusing and hard to read, but once you have signed up with one of the two available programs you are upgraded to the VIP member area in which you will have access to all the buttons the video on the page talks about. You will also be invited to the Ashmax Skype group where you can connect and share with like-minded people around the globe.

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Dezignalife is up and running!

Have you ever wondered if there is an activity on the Internet with which you can create an extra Income on the side??

What if I told you that there is something like that.
I have just recently gotten into the whole online marketing gig and I am amazed at what is available for ordinary people like us.

In this blog, I will be researching methods and programs in which you as a normal, every day person can earn a secondary Income and maybe even be able to do it full-time at some point.

I am super excited about this new opportunity and I invite you to come have a look at what I write, engage in discussions and give feedback on my content.

Till then,